- The Nordic travel brands Ving, Spies and Tjäreborg consolidated their brand portfolios and gathered around one common symbol, strategy and identity in 2012.

- The work on the Nordic markets was successful and led to Thomas Cook Group rebranding and unifying all brands under the ’Sunny Heart’ identity and strategy. 


- The heart became the glue that connected all the brands within the Group, strategically and visually and led to a major consolidation of brands.

- The common symbol and identity helped create a strong brand identification - and customers realizing the brand standing behind all the great experiences they meet throughout the travel journey.


- Implemented in over 60 countries involving 29.000 employees.

- 85 brands were consolidated into 30, either fully integrated or endorsed by the ‘Sunny heart’ brand identity

- In 2020, Thomas Cook Group collapsed. The three Nordic brands Ving, Spies and Tjäreborg rose again, and a new company was created with the help of new owners. 

- The new parent company Nordic Leisure Group was created and out came the beloved travel brands in a new shape with a renewed brand identity.