- Unclear position but mainly as a B2B original equipment supplier (OE) to the leisure vehicle industry.

- Private equity (EQT) owned with ambition to conduct an IPO. OE positioning resulted in a lower valuation of the company than wanted in front of the IPO.

- Transfer the company into the mobile living company (B2B and B2C).
- Consolidating a wide brand portfolio into one global brand (Dometic).
- Develop and implement a new global brand platform, direction, identity, culture, organization, product portfolio, distribution and communication.
- Acquired companies to gain technoly, portfolio and distribution.
- Divesting companies and brands that didn´t fit the new direction.

-Biggest industrial IPO in Sweden since the 90s.
- Went from10 billion SEK to 30 billion SEK in turnoverin 6 years.
- Developed a leading global outdoor brand (fastest growing in the US in 2020).